part one~ intro

Once every Duop, or every two and half Tuis years, eighteen beings are selected from each of the competing 136 intelligent, life-baring, planets, to complete in the Universe’s ultimate survival competition. For those planets that are not yet connected to the Universe of others, these eighteen challengers are selected randomly and taken without notice from their planet, in secret. This has been the case since the inception of this deadly contest 6,000 years ago. The competition is known as the ‘Galaxy Battle League’.

From a field of over 2,500 participants, and over a minimum of 13 battle rounds, only one winner will be left standing – and will be crowned ‘Galaxy Battle League Champion’. Capturing the unrivaled focus of all ‘connected’ planets, the league’s field of metal stadiums will see challengers use whatever means they can to outlast their opponent in order to continue to the next round.

The battles vary constantly in goal and objective and go about testing each challengers mind and strength. Within each deadly battle, special ‘time-checks’ are available which could see a native weapon made available or could set about altering the entire environment of the battle itself.

The primary tool in the competition is one’s ability to manipulate the simplest of universal forces. Known to Tuis as ‘gravity’, the potential impact of this delicate skill is far more powerful than any weapon, more useful than any tool and stronger than any fist.

Not one of over 40,000 previous competitors from Tuis, known locally as Earth, have been able to pass the opening round, which is the requirement for any unconnected planet, to become a knowing participant of the league.

That is until the Tuis year of 2056.

‘With the blanket of unknowns dipped in lighter fluid and lit before its eyes, the planet, known to the rest of the Universe as Tuis, will finally be connected’.